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Italia Liberia Life Project

Italia-Liberia Life is our main project which we are working on with strength and passion.

Donate Now

Your donations will be used exclusively
for the support of Stichting OIDEC International
and for the development of humanitarian projects.

One with the other
and one for the other

Step by step for a better future

We plan

Together with the local populations we plan what they really need

We work

We work with passion to develop projects in the shortest time

We achieve

We always want to achieve the goals we have promised

We help

We help the populations in need with technical, logistical and professional support

Who we are

Our volunteers are always ready to support those who need help
The OIDEC projects take into account all the factors in question: in fact they start from the study of territory with its own peculiarities and evaluate the potential of the resources and the risks of the situation today. They are eco-responsible and eco-sustainable projects and aim to increase the level of quality of the life of the population of the nation targeted in the project.

A solid network

With more than 200 volunteers and more than 20 employees, our association forms a safe and reliable community. In this way we can strengthen our presence in the municipality and collaborate directly with the people involved.

Support in everyday life

To address people with disabilities in a targeted way, we always seek direct contact with local communities and involve more and more volunteers.

We choose integration

Support for people with disabilities does not involve an abstract concept but a concrete support. Therefore, our volunteers are committed to creating and maintaining contact with those concerned.

Our young helpers

Our volunteers support the foundation
with love and passion

Oidec Italia Odv ETS
One with the other and one for the other
Step by step towards a better future
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