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Italia Liberia Life

A few years ago we decided to use our ideas and our skills to bring a general improvement in the life of the Liberian people by analyzing what were their main problems and therefore proposing valid solutions.

After listening to many exponents and representatives of the Liberian government, our team of professionals began to study what could be the best solutions to the problems they exposed and, starting from a blank sheet of paper, we began to organize the "Italia Liberia Life" Project.

After many months of work, after long discussions, after many sleepless nights working together with large cups of coffee, we presented our project to the Government of the Republic of Liberia which immediately received the attention of the highest politicians and was reported as a project of national interest. The winning idea was to create a sustainable project for the area of Monrovia and its surroundings, which can be implemented quickly, fully integrated and, last but not least, fully funded by humanitarian foundations. The project includes a first series of humanitarian structures including:

  • A hospital with 200 beds divided into various departments;
  • An orphanage that can accommodate up to 100 children;
  • A retirement home for the elderly with the ability to accommodate up to 80 people;
  • A first and second grade school for about 1700 pupils, later divided into 4 structures located in strategic areas, 3 in the outskirts of Monrovia and one in the central area.

Liberia is also a beautiful country full of natural resources, with beautiful beaches, rivers, mountains, natural parks and animal species that can only be found here.

For this reason a part of the project was dedicated to the development of tourism which until now has a rather marginal value and is reserved for a few adventurous ones.

We therefore proposed the construction of four resorts of about 400 guests each on an area of 200,000 square meters including everything necessary to ensure a stay in maximum comfort and relax.

To facilitate tourism, we have also activated some of our Google partner collaborators who will carry out an initial mapping of the city of Monrovia and Harper as well as the main connection routes between the cities and some areas to be evaluated later.

The idea we are working on is to involve Google in a more active and complete way, also proposing to activate the PlusCode system for a better geolocation of streets, homes and places.

A very important problem that we had been made aware of is that of waste, not always collected, stored in unsuitable places and left to their fate with the risk of serious health problems.

The “Italia Liberia Life” Project involves the construction of a waste-to-energy plant that acts as the fulcrum for a wider system that includes the management of waste from collection, sorting, storage and finally disposal. The estimate, as regards the territory of Monrovia, is a daily collection of 1100/1200 tons of waste.

From the disposal process of this quantity of waste, the waste-to-energy plant will be able to produce electricity for an estimated value of 21 Mw/h which will be fed into the national network and with the residual heat also drinking water.

But that is not all!

In order to function, the works will employ local staff (we expect about a thousand people employed in various sectors) who will initially be involved in specialized professional training courses, in the field of health, education, maintenance, generating an important induction in the community. Furthermore, at the request of the Government of Liberia, we have involved some of the highest Italian professionals and experts in the field of training for police officers, for crowd control, for crime scene operators, for investigative techniques and for the protection of personalities and VIPs.

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