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of OIDEC International

Focus point

  • Promote a culture of peace and solidarity, also through the coordination and activity of volunteers in the chosen territories
  • Promote the affirmation of human rights, also through initiatives aimed at their effective implementation, with particular attention to freedom of expression and the development and protection of human dignity
  • Intervene in war zones with neutral humanitarian initiatives in favor of the victims and wounded, in particular civilians, of armed conflicts and of all those who may suffer consequences deriving from said conflicts: there will be no alignment with any of the parties involved in the conflict and care will be offered only and exclusively on identified needs and in the areas where help is most urgent and urgent
  • Organize interventions and provide relief of a humanitarian nature in situations of a more or less emergency nature and to people who are victims of natural disasters, violent earthquakes and terrorism
  • Develop food projects designed to support poverty, hunger and malnutrition and support the development of agriculture
  • Devising health projects to combat diseases and provide medical care and assistance to all, including immigrants and refugees and in refugee camps
  • Develop basic education, primary, secondary and advanced education projects, professional and socio-pastoral training
  • Organize training courses for diplomatic-consular, medical-sanitary entities, for health and hygiene, agri-food, environmental, sports and maritime safety
  • Devising multisectoral social projects, for the promotion of children, for women and for the protection of the weakest sections of the population
  • Planning and carrying out civil and / or urban construction works, major works of a humanitarian nature and of government interest
  • Promote intercultural understanding between peoples, scientific cooperation between nations and societies and commercial development between states, strengthening the forms of cooperation between them
  • Support the states and their diplomatic representations in foreign states
  • Promote humanitarian assistance projects to prisoners, or other detainees, in contexts due to situations of warfare
  • Assist and support refugee children and adolescents, asylum seekers and migrants, accompanied and unaccompanied, and foster their protection and social inclusion, including through the values of sport and sporting activities
  • Promote the protection of children and young migrants and refugees from exploitation, violence and all forms of discrimination, and promote: education so that everyone has access to quality education as a fundamental human right; actions in favor of the family unit, access to care and services, to combat the causes that push them to flee their country of origin
  • Support local communities and civil society organizations in preventing and combating radicalization and extremist activity.

Actions to goal

The OIDEC International foundation seeks to achieve its goal by:
  • Direct intervention in emergency areas
  • The collection and dispatch of humanitarian, food and medical-health aid
  • The design and construction of works
  • Conducting training courses
  • The promotion and organization of conventions, conferences, meetings, debates, thematic festivals, and / or events in general that disseminate information and communication, in particular to develop human awareness and sensitivity on the issues of peace, solidarity, human rights, labor law, environmental protection and the correct use of local resources, in the prevention of: crimes in general, of the earth, of the trafficking of persons, of illicit substances and of weapons, of the improper use of technology; the selection, training and consequently the employment of volunteers in civil service
  • Partnership, through membership or affiliation of other national and international organizations that pursue identical or similar purposes
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One with the other and one for the other
Step by step towards a better future
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